Red Carpet of Confidence is a roaming event series about self-love and empowerment. You and your guests walk the Red Carpet and feel like stars for a few moments.

It sounds simple, but the experience can be transformative. You forget about societal expectations and silence your inner critic.

Red Carpet of Confidence is about taking up space and seeing yourself differently. It reminds you to celebrate who you are.

Why roll out the Red Carpet?

Creates community connection
It’s a celebration of each other
Practices open acceptance of diverse bodies
It reminds women to love themselves
It gets people out of their comfort zone
It’s great fun!

with just one step

confidence starts

Championing an ‘all bodies are beautiful’ philosophy, Red Carpet of Confidence is an empowering experience that brings positivity to any event.

I can roll out the Red Carpet of Confidence anywhere. However, it particularly suits workshops, retreats, functions and community events. Even birthdays and milestones!

How it works:

Book Red Carpet of Confidence for your event
Get your guests to rock up wearing whatever they like
Listen to the Red Carpet pep talk
Strut the Red Carpet with your guests
Cheer each other on
Feel better than ever before
Hire a photographer to capture the event

Are you interested in booking the Red Carpet of Confidence?

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the red carpet

Roll out

I was feeling quite nervous on the morning of my wardrobe session, but my nerves soon disappeared as Jessie explained how we would work through the session.

First chatting about different styles and colours, then moving on to the part I was initially embarrased about (showing Jessie my wardrobe!) but by this point I was raring to go! I actually found it easy to let go of a lot of items from my wardrobe!

After Jessie left I felt amazing! It's such a good feeling to look in my wardrobe now and know that everything in there works for me shape wise and colour wise!

The suggested shopping list that Jessie forwarded to me after we had worked together was absolutely fantastic, I wasn't expecting it to be so detailed!

 I cannot wait to hit the shops!

Client Testimonials

Ange - 49

Jessie is a lovely person, very professional but down to earth and warm hearted.

She will give you her honest opinion and I felt very comfortable with her.

 She definitely knows her colours and brands very well. She offers suggestions I would not have considered previously.

It was a delight finding the right cut and colours within my budget and clothes that I actually enjoy wearing. 
I feel like the whole experience lifted my mood. I also now know where I have gone wrong with my own purchases in the past.

 It was definitely worth the investment.

Client Testimonials

Karen - 58

Jessie put me at ease from our very first meeting.

The shopping session itself was so much fun - I tried on so many wonderful clothes, many that I never would have picked out for myself.

 Jessie knew what I’d feel most comfortable in, but she also challenged me to take a step outside my comfort zone, with new colours and styles.

I walked away (shopping bags in hand!) feeling more confident than I had in a very long time. Not only about the new clothes that Jessie had helped me find, but with a new understanding and knowledge about my personal style.

 I’ll definitely be reaching out again next season!

Client Testimonials

monica - 32

I wanted to thank you again for your help, the sessions were like having a very honest friend to comment and guide me.

It was also great to use most of my existing wardrobe.

 I feel a lot more confident and love not having to scratch together a wardrobe, now I have lots of options to choose everyday.

My husband continues to notice, which given his workload is really saying something!!! I also love being an example to my daughter (5yrs), she has definitely noticed my new wardrobe and has started tucking her shirts into skirts too!!!!

Client Testimonials

sarah - 37

Jessie was so helpful, she listened and took on board my struggle and made me feel confident in her ability to help me get out of my rut and style myself so I don't look like a daggy mum anymore.

Whilst shopping Jessie was very supportive and respected my boundaries so that I could gain confidence back in my body shape.

 After seeing how great I looked in the clothes and styles she picked for me and the guidance and understanding she gave me, I've gained confidence back to shop for myself for first time in forever.

Client Testimonials

Julia - 46