A Little more about me


I’m no model-turned-fashion expert. I was a stay-at-home mum who lost herself in the process of being a parent. I had gained a lot of weight (I was a size 20-22), lived in activewear and felt stuck refusing to buy anything new until I felt “good enough”.

When my husband came home one day and told me we would be going to a Christmas party, I totally freaked out. I had nothing to wear. So I called a friend, and they suggested I go to a particular plus-size store to find an outfit.

It must have been meant to be because something shifted as soon as I started trying different outfits. The clothes not only fit but looked great. I immediately felt better about myself and my reflection in the mirror.

The experience moved me so much, I decided to get a job at that exact shop. I was serving customers within two weeks!

I loved helping women express their unique personalities and find clothes that flattered their shapes. 

Hey, I'm Jessie!

This was the beginning of my styling journey. As my confidence grew, I could see the potential to start my own business and work with women directly. So I completed my stylist training and then launched my business.

Now I empower women to discover their personal style and feel comfortable in their bodies – all through the power of clothes. I love witnessing women go through their transformation and start living again.

I can't wait to bring out the best in you!

Jessie x

I wanted my customers to leave the store feeling like I did that first time – worthy of looking and feeling fabulous.

based on my values

My styling is 

You're ACCEPTED for who you are

I want every woman; cis, trans, non-binary  no matter size, shape or age to feel comfortable in their body and empowered to wear the clothes they want.
Wherever you're at, I welcome you with open arms.

Feel EMPOWERED to express your personality through clothes

I don't blindly follow trends or impose my style on you.
I encourage you to find clothes you love and reflect who you are.
I value your individuality.

Reflect, Accept and GROW

Personal style is about evolving. It's about reflecting on your past self and figuring out who you want to be in the future.
How do you want to feel?
Let’s get there together.

You're heard and UNDERSTOOD

I have experienced low self-esteem and poor body image, and I know how these feelings can chip away at your confidence.
My experiences give me the ability to understand. I lead with EMPATHY. Always.

Reconnect with yourself and have FUN

Remember, personal styling doesn't have to be a serious business. It’s not just about shopping, clothes and style. It's about taking time for yourself and having fun.

Do our values align?