Want to feel lie the best version of you?

It’s time to prioritise yourself and invest in your self-worth.

I know what it’s like to struggle with body image and not feel good enough. But I found my way back through clothes, and so can you!

You can feel comfortable and confident no matter your age, size, or shape. You just need a little guidance and a fun shopping session to find outfits you adore.

We’ve all met that person who radiates confidence and feels completely comfortable in their skin. That person could be you. Yes, you!

It’s time to discover your personal style, embrace your individuality and dress with confidence.

Are you ready?


Are you ready to find clothes you love


I’m a Perth personal stylist, image consultant and public speaker who empowers you to discover your personal style and dress with confidence.

I’m no model-turned-fashion expert. I was a stay-at-home mum who had gained a lot of weight (I was a size 20-22), lived in activewear and refused to buy anything new until I felt “good enough”.

After years of letting my weight dictate how I felt, I hit a turning point. I started dressing differently. As if by miracle, I realised I not only accepted my body, but I felt confident in my own skin.

Through my own experience and a keen eye for personal style, I help you let go of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old ways of dressing and teach you how to think differently about your body and clothes.

I help you dress like the person you want to be.

Are you ready for the new you?


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I’ve created transformational styling sessions that will ignite your passion for clothes and make you fall in love with your reflection in the mirror. Ready to create your signature style? 


Invite a stylist to the stage to empower your guests and liven up the crowd. Book me to speak at your next event.

stylist & body confidence speaker


Red Carpet of Confidence

An event series all about self-love, confidence and empowerment. Walk the red carpet and feel like a star for just a few moments. 



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I honestly cannot thank you enough!

Before our first style session, I was nervous, scared of being judged, I wasn’t loving my body very much and was in a major style rut. It was not a happy place to be and I was very sceptical as to whether you had the super powers to turn it all around.

As soon as we got started those feeling dissipated, you embraced everything I had to say, about my likes & dislikes and you were all about making sure I would get what I wanted from our time together. You made it very apparent that style is individual and what I liked was OK .

I have found a new love for trying something new with my style, I have been complimented NON STOP the last few days about my clothes and I am so HAPPY about it! You bought back my spark and have me feeling a bit in love with myself! 

Client Testimonials

tASH - 35

Hi ladies, Jessie has come to my rescue and helped sort out my wardrobe and my lack of confidence when dressing.

I found Jessie to be very professional in her approach to my needs and wants and also very passionate about my feelings.

Should you need a wardrobe revamp, a new style approach give Jessie a call you won't be sorry.

Client Testimonials

lYN - 65

Jessie is an amazing stylist. I needed to update & upgrade my life and Jessie managed to do that in a few short hours.
The actual shopping day was so much fun. I was worried I would be too negative and not get much benefit out of the session but Jessie managed to find so many styles and combinations of clothes that made me feel comfortable, and pushed me to try things that I would have otherwise been closed off to.
I didn't anticipate such an immediately positive effect on my overall anxiety issues, but after my session with Jessie I don't dread going out or any business or social occasion because I now have a tonne of options, and I actually feel good in them.
Thank you so much, the time and energy you have saved me is phenomenal and I look forward to using your services in the future.

Client Testimonials

Ebony - 38

I had Jessie come out yesterday for an Curate & Cleanse Styling Session and WOW!! Items I was ready to ditch were transformed and items I wouldn't let go of are now gone.

What a great experience.

I am excited to try out my "new" wardrobe and can't wait for part 2 with my shopping session to come ....

Client Testimonials

Veronica - 49